Be Pinch Proof with St. Patrick’s Day Cocktails

Attention lads and lassies! Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with these delicious, fun green cocktails that are sure to bring a little luck o’ the Irish to your festivities and have guests feeling like they found their pot of gold!

Green Bellini


2 oz (60 ml) Master of Mixes Sweet n’ Sour Mixer

1 oz (30 ml) Master of Mixes Sour Apple Martini Mixer

1 dash Master of Mixes Blue Curacao

4 oz (120 ml) Sparkling Wine


Build in a champagne flute.

Suggested Garnish:



Cucumber Mojito


2 oz (30 ml) Master of Mixes Mojito Mixer

1.25 oz (37 ml) rum

3-5 slices cucumber

Soda water


Place cucumber in the bottom of a tall/Collins glass filled with ice.

Combine rum and Master of Mixes Mojito Mix.

Stir to lift cucumber off bottom of the glass.

Fill with soda water.

Suggested Garnish:

Muddled Cucumber

Mint Sprig




2 oz (60 ml) Master of Mixes Lite Margarita Mixer

1 oz (30 ml) berry vodka

½ oz (15 ml) melon liqueur

½ kiwi

2 lime wedges


Muddle fruit in the bottom of rocks glass and fill with crushed ice.

Pour other ingredients over top of ice.

Stir to lift fruit off the bottom of the glass.

Suggested Garnish:

Kiwi Wedge



Apple Martini


3 oz (90 ml) Master of Mixes Sour Apple Martini Mixer

2 oz (60 ml) vodka


In an ice-filled shaker, combine mixer and vodka.

Shake hard and strain into chilled martini glass.

Garnish and serve.

Suggested Garnish:

Fresh Apple


Nutty Irishmen Coffee


3 oz (90 ml) Master of Mixes Espresso Mixer

1 oz (30 ml) Irish Whiskey

1/2 oz (15 ml) hazelnut liqueur


Fill a speciality coffee mug with ice.

Build ingredients over ice.

Stir and top with whipped cream.

Suggested Garnish:

Whipped Cream

Grated Chocolate or Nutmeg