Dean’s Cocktail List: Seasonal Favorites

Throughout the year Dean creates hundreds of cocktails for all of the seasons and many reasons. The Dean’s list is created throughout the year as he comes across specifically delicious or otherwise inspiring cocktail ingredients.

Strawberry Mule

“I really wanted to start off by showcasing a drink using the Master of Mixes Strawberry Daiquiri/ Margarita Mix that had nothing to do with Daiquiris or Margaritas. This was a great way to get creative with a classic. The Strawberry Mule is spicy with a good kick.”
- Dean

Spicy Margarita

“The pantry can provide endless opportunities to enhance a cocktail at home. This drink has a wonderfully savory note with a little heat and has actually been featured on restaurant menus.”
- Dean

Chocolate Old Fashioned

“This cocktail is my personal favorite cocktail. Strong and sweet, the Agave brings out the caramel and butterscotch in the bourbon. Stir it until you think you have stirred it too long. Then stir a little more. Be sure to garnish it with an orange zest.”

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

“This entry was created for a presentation in Hawaii. It brings the whiskey trend to the islands.”