Impress Your Guests With Infused Ice Cubes

One of the best sounds is ice cubes clinking in a glass! Why not kick your drink game up a notch and infuse that ice? Ice cubes are the perfect vehicle for fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, and more to take any beverage to the next level.

Artisanal ice is easy to make, and all the ingredients are most likely already right at your fingertips. Gather up: Ice cube trays, fresh water and assorted fruit/herbs. Our own talented mixologist, Dean Serneels, offers these tips for the perfect infused ice additions for your cocktails:

Start with the Right Foundation

Silicone ice trays are the best for gourmet ice. Available in many shapes and sizes, they freeze quickly from all sides and release the ice with less stress than hard plastic trays. Hard plastic and metal trays can break the ice into shards when releasing the cube and does not give the cocktail a beautiful look.

Infuse Some Color

Adding colorful fruit to ice can create stunning images and be the final piece of perfection that shows your guests you have been planning ahead for this cocktail party! Use fresh whole pieces of fruit, dicing the fruit does not give the right amount of freshness and color.

Add Elegance with Herbs

Hearty herbs such as Rosemary and Thyme can look great sticking out of ice.  Make sure to use plenty of fresh water, it will allow the herbs to stay still extending up through the drink to make the perfect garnish. Furthermore, try not to leave leafy herbs sticking out otherwise they will blacken and make your ice look dirty.

Change the Flavor as you Sip!

Flavored ice cubes can add an interesting taste to your cocktails. Make your Sunday brunch spectacular: Pour the Master of Mixes Blood Orange Margarita Mixer into an ice cube tray and freeze. Add the cubes to a champagne flute and pour in your favorite kind of bubbly and a little bit of orange juice. As the cubes start to melt, you’ll have a new twist on the classic mimosa.