The New Cocktail Essentials Package from Master of Mixes

For over a decade, Master of Mixes Cocktail Essentials has been the go-to for folks who are looking to make a premium cocktail in the comfort of their own home. This ‘mixology-minded’ family of nine cocktail ingredients and syrups is the perfect building block for literally thousands of the world’s most popular cocktails.


Since making cocktails is what we do every day, we understand the role good packaging can play in shaping the cocktail creation experience for bartenders of all levels. Our intimate knowledge of the world of professional mixology afforded us the opportunity to identify a trend at top bars around the world, wherein small plastic squeeze bottles with spouts on top are being used to dispense all types of syrups, juices and other premium ingredients. In this case, what is functional and efficient for a professional can also be a considerable convenience to aspiring mixologists in their home bars.

Launching in June 2018 as the next generation of Cocktail Essentials, we are proud to introduce a one of a kind line of premium cocktail ingredients packaged in our new, custom Simply Squeeze mixo bottle and sprout. This streamlined design makes for easy handling and is complete with an aerodynamic closure that delivers exquisite portion control with super-smooth shut-off action for a great pour every time!

Grab your favorite new Cocktail Essentials flavor today and start making cocktails so good you’ll think they’re from the bar!