Brand Heritage

Since the early 1970’s, Master of Mixes has scoured the earth’s premier growing regions, sourcing only renowned varieties of each fruit. Our fruit is picked at peak ripeness when it is the most plump, juicy, and fragrant. We use an exclusive “gentle processing” method that does not overcook the fruit, resulting in a fresh, true-to-fruit flavor.

In order to deliver a cocktail experience rivaling that produced by some of the world’s foremost mixologists, we combine premium fruit juice and purees, together with natural sweeteners and pure essential oils. Master of Mixes allows anyone to become a Mixology Pro and mix scratch quality, hassle-free cocktails in just a matter of seconds.

Our passion for premium cocktails comes through in every sip of your finished drink- from the irresistible flavor to the sweet finish. Found in all 50 states and 34 countries, we are dedicated to being the Truly Premium cocktail mix you ask for. 

  • Master of Mixes was founded in the early 1970’s by an entrepreneur back by a group of investors, some of whom were doctors and lawyers from the state of California
  •  Introduced the first cocktail mix in clear glass bottles. Mixers at the time were sold in glass bottles with a green tint
  • The first brand to move up to a 750ml bottle compared to what at the time was a 16 oz. standard
  • The first cocktail mix brand to take advantage of bright vibrant colors to spur impulse sales within the category – a practice that remains in place to this day
  • Master of Mixes was once owned by the largest Anheuser-Busch Distributor in the country
  • First brand to sell cocktail mixes in aseptic pouches
  • First brand to fully develop 1% companion portfolio for sales into control and restricted states
  • Throughout it’s history, Master of Mixes has marketed such interesting flavors as:
    • Apple Daiquiri
    • Mistletoe Punch
    • Mint Julep Mix
    • Banana Colada
    • Tequila Sunrise
    • Peach Colada
  • Developed the patented Dispense-Rita spout for BigBucket Margarita in 2003
  • Introduced the Slim stack in-store self-liquidating BigBucket Display on miniature pallets in 2006
  • Master of Mixes is currently sold in every state of the union and 34 countries!