Mason Jar

The cocktail Mason Jar became famous with the come back of Moonshine. The Mason jar is great for shaking and serving cocktails. Add fresh fruit, simply shake up and serve!

Snifter Glass

Used for serving spirits and high-alcohol cocktails either neat or warm, a snifter is designed to collect all the aromatics of the drink to hit your nose as one aroma.

Wine Glass

Red and white wine glasses are designed to allow different aromas to get to the nose. They range in size and shape and usually feature a footed-stem leading to a large bowl.

Julep Cup

Typically made of stainless steel or copper, a julep cup is most well-known for serving the Mint Julep. The cocktail served in this cup is poured over crushed ice, allowing a frost to form on the outside.

Martini/Cocktail Glass

Best known as the international icon of the cocktail, the martini glass is traditionally used for “straight-up” cocktails (cocktails served without ice).

Rocks Glass

Rocks is a reference to ice, in which built, shaken, or strained drinks are served over ice in this glass.

Champagne Coupe

The champagne coupe is a footed glass with a stem that has become synonymous with classic cocktails served straight-up.

Pilsner Glass

Named after the beer type, the Pilsner glass is designed specifically to open up the aromatics of beers. In this application, Pilsner may refer to any beer glass.

Champagne Flute

Used uniquely for champagne, the champagne flute is tall and narrow to allow bubbles to flow and showcase the quality of the champagne.

Hurricane Glass

A tall and curvy glass most associated with the Pina Colada or tropical cocktails.

Shot Glass

Shot glasses are often used to measure spirits or for a quick drink straight from the glass.

Specialty Coffee Mug

Specialty coffee mugs are footed-glasses with a handle, tempered to ensure they can handle hot liquids.

Margarita Glass

Typically used for the margarita, the Margarita glass is wide enough for a blended margarita as well as a shaken margarita. A unique feature is the bowl in the bottom, great for adding additional flavors.

Pint Glass

Also known as a Boston mixing glass, it is the most universal beer serving glass used today. In mixology, Boston Mixing glass is almost exclusively used as a drink making and measurement tool.

Punch Bowl

Used to serve large amounts of product to large amounts of people, drinks are served from a punch bowl with a ladle or soup spoon.

Tall/Collins Glass

A tall/collins glass is a chimney style glass- tall and thin, and used for refreshing cocktails usually topped with soda or sparking water. In this app, Tall will refer to any tall glass and may not be specific to the Collins.