Boston Mixing Glass

The most integrated and versatile tool used in drink making techniques, the Boston mixing glass allows the bartender to watch the mixing of ingredients and ice through to the final cocktail presentation.

Julep Strainer

The julep strainer is designed for straining cocktails being poured from the Boston mixing glass and the beaker.

Shaker Tin

The Shaking technique is used to chill, dilute, and fuse ingredients together. Typically used in conjunction with a Hawthorne strainer, shaking allows the ingredients to come out as one flavor. The Shaker is also effective for rolling drinks.


Ice is the most dynamic ingredient/tool used in the creation of cocktails. It can be used to chill a drink, aerate and froth a drink, as well as keep a drink cold after it has been served. Ice comes in many shapes and sizes for many different purposes.

Bar Spoon

A bar spoon has a long twisted handle with a bowl on one end and a number of options on the other. These may include a coin ended, a trident or a ball for balance. The spoon allows the bartender to stir drinks with his/her hand away from the beverage.

Fine Strainer

The fine strainer is used as a secondary straining of ice shards or pulp from fresh fruit and vegetables.

Hawthorne Strainer

Essentially the union of a spatula and a slinky, the Hawthorne strainer is designed specially to fit on top of the shaker tin or beaker and is used to strain cocktails into the serving glass.

Blender Carafe

The blender is a mechanized tool that rotates razor-sharp blades and the bottom of a carafe. It is essential for blending frozen drinks and pulverizing fruit.

Pour Spout

Added to the neck of a spirit bottle, a pour spout is designed to give the bartender control of the volume of liquid that comes out of the bottle.

Citrus Press

The citrus press is a two-handled tool used to express juices and essential oils out of citrus fruit.


Often double sided, a jigger is marked with multiple measurements and used for adding liquids to drinks with a precise measure.


Muddlers are used to extract natural juices and oils from fruits, herbs, and vegetables. Larger muddlers are used to crush ingredients such as fruits and vegetables.